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You may now feast your eyes on the complete

Rock-A-Field 2016 timetable!! Click:

And you know what?! If you want to create your very own schedule for your visit, you don't have to print out this newsletter, not even take a pic of it or grab a pen to write it all on your forearms to memorize all, like totally oldschool!

Cause we've got this years Rock-A-Field app ready too!


Grab your RAF-app here, either for ANDROID or APPLE!

Check out aaaall the band details and, above all, get the EXCLUSIVE RAF-app features, such as the Backstage Feed & News by L'essentiel, a bigger and better site map and push notifications about all the important stuff to know!

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Lovely people,


If you buy it now here, you can exchange it for RAF food&drink coupons at the festival entrance, avoid queueing and you'll actually be saving money too! :-)

Food&drink coupons can be purchased in packs of 55 (50 + 5 free voucher), at the price of €50.00 (+ system fee).




Our friends from the ultimate warm'n'fuzzy sailor hipstarrr bar VAGABOND will join forces with BACARDI to mix up the best, most colorful and juicy cocktails EVER!



You may start drooling with us now.

For all our vegetarian and vegan friends, we've got Rawdish and Food Porn sessions with completely vegan plates and almost every Foodtruck will have veggie plates too! Just FYI, we've marked it all here ;)



Summer is here! The weather is here too, good or bad... ;)

Anyway, we have 1 MONTH TO GO until you walk through the woods to enter our beloved field and we can't wait to have you there!

The preparations are running on full boost now as we are RAF-ing up everything from top to tow, including ourselves!

And no worries, you'll be able to join us! Check out the merch we've got for you:



We may now proudly present you the almost complete Line-Up of 2016!

Besides Rock, Electro and Alternative Grooves, we have expanded the menu to HipHop and serious Gipsy Music. Look forward to an enhanced edition of the kinky Food Village, a re-vamped Beach Stage (in-between the mainstages) that will now also feature live music…

Our site manager has just about started to set this little field in Roeser up again. And of course, Rock-A-Field 2016 will offer the full camping experience once more: as usual from Friday to Monday, but this time we’ll have a special RAF Warm-Up Event on the camping grounds on Friday July 8, especially reserved for the campers.

Regular 2-day festival tickets and 3-day camping tickets have gone on sale! Go and grab yours! Besides that, you won't miss the UEFA European Cup Final. Watch it with your friends live on our big public viewing screen! Stay tuned for more!