Dear RAF'ers

Some of you might have wondered why RAF2017 hasn't been announced by now.

Well, we have decided to take a sabbatical this year.

Taking a break will allow us to push the boundaries and set new standards as one of the main open air festivals in Luxembourg.

And now the good news: in addition to the continued partnership of the City of Roeser, the RAF will have, for a first time in 2018, the support of the Ministry of Culture too. So the RAF will definitely be back better and brighter in 2018!

2016 was a record year for the Atelier: in excess of 130 000 tickets sold for more than 130 shows! And 2017 will be no different: a string of headline shows, a new city event (stay tuned for more info on that one soon!), large scale family entertainment productions (Blue Man Group and the Harry Potter Film Concerts with an first-time collaboration with the OPL)...

Quite a lot to manage for a small and independent team as ours.

So patience is a virtue :-) see you all in Roeser in 2018!

The RAF team